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Have we already organized a space in your home for you? 

Life is incredibly busy, and while the systems we set up will last a long time, they do require some maintenance. As family needs change and life happens, the needs of your space are likely to evolve, also. Bring us in for a quarterly, bi-annual, or yearly refresh and we'll take care of making those upates for you! 



Organized Space Refreshes are inclusive of:

  • Updating/reprinting labels and categories

  • Changing out/adding products to further maximize the organizational needs of the space

  • Editing and purging of unwanted items

  • Removal/donation of up to one carload of trash/donations

Rates for Organized Refreshes will be calculated hourly, per the number of team members required for the space.

        *Organized Refreshes are only for spaces that the Absolutely Simplified team has previously organized.

      *Organized Refreshes must be scheduled for a 3-hour minimum.

Get Started

We look forward to working with you!

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